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About Dr. Joyce Marrie.

Drama therapist Dr. Joyce Marrie is the founder and Executive Director of Crossroads Panorama, a community-based arts program that empowers youth and young adults through the arts. Through her work at Crossroad Panorama, Dr. Marrie gives the lifeline to finding purpose, self-worth and healing by changing old behaviors that hinder creativity.

With her years of experience designing and implementing creative drama programs for youth, Dr. Marrie is a teacher, writer, producer, and consultant. She is the author and publisher of “We’re All on a Journey to Find Truth: The Life and History of Sojourner Truth, Volumes 1 and 2,” “A Teacher’s Guide for Grades 7-12,” and “Breaking the Chains of Trauma: A 30-day Devotional using the Story of Sojourner Truth, Overcoming Generational Trauma Through the Lens of Sojourner Truth.” Dr. Marrie also authored a children’s book, “Cherry Wood Finds a Home,” which addresses the experience of bullying.

Dr. Marrie presents Sojourner Truth’s life through acting and arts to a myriad of audiences, such as educational facilities, traditional and alternative schools, juvenile detention centers, and many community settings. Students learn to use historical events for academic growth and conflict resolution.

Dr. Marrie is active in her community and received the Richfield Human Rights Commission’s Gene and Mary Jacobson Outstanding Citizen Award in 2018.   She is former co-chair of the Richfield Arts Commission and former  Richfield Community Education  Advisory Board.